What We Do

At Travelbusiness we manage business travel for executives and investors of life science companies. We improve our travelers’ lives by making difficult travel schedules more manageable. In addition we handle personal travel for our clients at no cost while developing lasting relationships with them and their families.

We excel in complex multi-city international itineraries that include flights, hotels, rental cars, chauffeured car service, and much more. Most of our clients are in the air 100 days or more annually. We are a key part of each journey from pre-planning discussions, to 24-hour en-route support, to expense reconciliation post-trip. We are experts in all aspects of business travel including preferred seat assignments, traveler loyalty programs, upgrades, check-in/boarding pass delivery, special services requests, and award travel.

Our comprehensive service package includes these value-added benefits free of charge:

How we do it

Customer service is our cornerstone. Our commitment to our clients remains first and foremost our #1 priority. Earning trust. We build successful, long-term personal relationships with customers, tailoring effective business travel management programs to their individual needs.

Empowering customers. We provide customers with the very latest information on new services and technologies that translate into tangible savings that go straight to their bottom line. Solving challenges. We listen carefully to clients about their needs and expectations. This allows us to be proactive in presenting new ideas, products and suggestions to solve challenges before they become problems.

Our exclusive Travelbusiness technology gives us the competitive edge to shop all web and online travel companies simultaneously. The Sabre GDS (Global Distribution System) is acknowledged by the industry to be the most effective GDS for securing low fares, overall functionality and scope. It was named “Best GDS” by independent travel industry organizations 8 out of the last 10 years.

Beyond the traditional displays, we have negotiated real-time access to many fares that do not exist through other GDS systems. Because these fares are input directly into the Sabre system, we create tremendous efficiency in the booking process, as well as ensure customer confidence that they are getting the lowest possible fares.  Our system also adds a host of other functions to help travel consultants process corporate travel requests, including a comprehensive traveler profile system, a tracking system for unused electronic tickets and the most extensive real-time availability for hotels and car rental companies in the industry.

A key component to the success of a travel management program is how effectively it negotiates productivity-based, value-added or discount agreements with airline, car rental and hotel travel suppliers.

Our unique air agreements distinguish us from our competitors, by allowing us to offer below-published rates in economy, business and first class. Our international division also has proprietary airfare discount programs and contracts covering Europe, South Pacific, South America and Asia. In addition we have strong relationships with a select group of reputable outside consolidators.

Travelbusiness operating systems include multiple checks of all travel records. Every record goes through numerous quality assurance checks, beginning with pre-ticketing reports that expose any and all policy violations, followed by our automated quality control system that monitors a variety of indices. Records found outside of policy will be annotated and returned to the agent for review and rectification.

Our streamlined suite of modules automates the processing and auditing of all aspects of travel management, including: constant lower fare searches for booked tickets; 150 pre-ticketing quality control checks for reservation integrity and written travel policy compliance; unused e-ticket usage tracking; preferred vendor agreements; and traveler preferences which include wait list clearance, preferred seat assignments using live seat maps and automatic frequent flyer upgrades.

The Travelbusiness robust suite of travel management reports is completely customizable to help you control, contain and manage your travel-related expenses.

Grasp Technologies, our new online reporting tool, is available to designated personnel and provides access to all travel data for your account. The system is updated daily and can produce any combination of customized reports. We also provide comprehensive summary and detail reporting on all travel data, from air carrier performance and hotel/car rentals to benchmarking against other accounts in similar industries. Our online travel management technology and offline suite of management reports and graphs will provide detailed information regarding money we saved you in addition to the money you "could have saved" had your travelers taken our lowest fare options.